• What happens in a Yoga class?

    You will be taught a series of Yoga postures. The teacher will instruct carefully and see that you can manage. The class will end with relaxation.

  • What should I wear?

    You should wear loose clothing and be barefoot.

  • Can I eat before a class?

    Do not eat before a class. Allow 3-4 hours after a heavy meal, or 1-2 hours after a snack. You can drink before a class but not during it.

  • Do I need to bring a mat?

    You do not need to bring a mat – our studio is fully equipped with Yoga props.

  • I am overweight/stiff/out-of-condition. Is Yoga right for me?

    Yoga is suitable for everyone. You will learn to move more freely and will gain strength and stamina. In our Introduction to Yoga classes we start with simple poses that everyone can attempt.

  • I am very fit. Should I still go to a beginners’ (Introduction to Yoga) class?

    The Introduction to Yoga classes are the right ones for you. They give a foundation of basic poses, key points and principles. It is not a question of fitness but of understanding and correct practice. However, you will feel that you have had a “workout”!

  • Can I do Yoga when I am menstruating?

    We give special relaxing poses during menstruation. These will make you feel better and alleviate backache, cramps and so on.

  • Can I start Yoga when I am pregnant?

    If you have no medical problems we recommend that you attend the Relax through Yoga class.
    If you have medical problems or a history of miscarriage you need to attend the Therapy Yoga class. An initial consultation is required to give you a programme to suit your specific needs.

  • Is there an age limit to starting Yoga?

    There is no age limit to starting Yoga, but if you have any health problems we advise you to attend a Therapy Yoga Class so that we can help you individually.

  • Can I do Yoga if I have an injury?

    Yoga can help you to recover from an injury. We advise you to attend the Therapy Yoga Classes so that we can help you deal with the problem in a precise way. An initial consultation is required to give you a programme to suit your specific needs.

  • Is Yoga a religion? Do you do chanting?

    Yoga is not a religion; it is a practical philosophy. People of all persuasions use Yoga practices to help them achieve their goals. Chanting is not an essential part of Yoga practice and we do not do it. To be meaningful chants need to be understood and their pronunciation and intonation need to be correct. Unless you know Sanskrit or an Indian language based on Sanskrit it is difficult to chant properly.

  • Do you do any drop in classes?

    We welcome visitors to our classes but do not operate a casual drop-in system as this does not create a good learning environment.

  • How much do classes cost?

    Please click here for our class Fees.

  • Do you have concessions?

    Unfortunately we are not able to offer concessions. If you have difficulty paying in advance we can accept payment in instalments. From time to time we offer two for one class vouchers for students who are New to Yoga.

  • Where can I buy a Yoga mat?

    There are many stockists of Yoga equipment. We use www.yogamatters.com