Poetry is word and meaning without defects, possessing attributes, although occasionally without possessing figures of speech.
Kavya Prakasha (11th century Sanskrit work)

Poetry is the expression of ideas and emotions in artful language. Stories, incidents, feelings and opinions – anything at all – can be and have been the subject of poetry. Having its roots in the power of the mind to conceptualise, its purpose is communication.

Good poetry rests on three planks: inspiration, wide knowledge of the world and honed practice with the guidance of connoisseurs of poetry. So instructs an 11th century Indian treatise on poetry (Kavya Prakasha).

Poetics is the study of poetry. It explains how and why literature works. The poetics tradition presented in this website is based on linguistic analysis. Its major contribution to literary criticism is the ‘theory of suggestion’ which details the mechanisms by which poetry evokes mood and ideas in the listener and reader.

Poetrypoetics is the website of Mira Mehta. In addition to poetry composition and holding study groups on poetics, Mira is an author on Yoga and runs a Yoga school www.yogicpath.com This website contains a selection of her poems, details of her study groups, and articles on poetics.

It is said that poetry consists exclusively of delight and is delectable with mood.Poetrypoetics, run by Mira Mehta, approaches poetry through poetry theory to uncover the artistry of language.


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