Yoga practice and how to make it happen

With Mira Mehta

Practice makes perfect and disinterest makes an adept mind.

Yoga teaches that persistence and a dispassionate attitude are essential for gaining its fruits of joy and well-being. In this practical workshop Mira shows how to disengage the mind from sensory stimuli in the performance of asanas. She shows how repetition strengthens this practice and how the two together make the mind steady. She has an interactive style of teaching, encouraging students to ask questions and clear doubts.

The workshop is open to students with some experience of Yoga.

Participants will find it useful to read Mira’s books Health through Yoga and Yoga Explained.

Fee: £50
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Mira Mehta MPhil (Oxon), Assoc BAAAP

4 & 5 November 2017

The back is our support and strength yet it is hidden from our view. In this weekend Mira first shows how to move the back without risk of injury so that you strengthen the frame of the internal organs and nerves. She then turns to the hidden spine, along which psychic energies lie. She has an interactive style of teaching, encouraging students to ask questions and clear doubts.

The four-part workshop involves both practice and theory. It is open to all, although some prior experience of Yoga will be helpful.

Participants will find it useful to read Mira’s book Health through Yoga .

The Harmonious Back
Saturday 4 November 10am – 12.30pm

Modern day living creates physical disharmony and problems, particularly stressed backs. Yoga can restore harmony and strength to the back. This will be exemplified in the practice of a variety of postures.

The Back at Work and Rest
Saturday 4 November 2 – 4.30pm

Yoga postures should be performed from the back of the body in order to develop awareness, otherwise they are mere physical exercises. Resting the back is as important as working it. This session looks at standing and supine poses.

The Back and the Brain
Sunday 5 November 10am – 12.30pm

The spine and the brain are directly connected. When you use the back of the brain a peaceful consciousness pervades your actions and the mind and nerves remain quiet. The practical focus is on backbends and twists.

The Anterior Spine
Sunday 5 November 2 – 4.30pm

The anterior spine, deep within the body, connects to the nerves and energy centres of intellect, emotion and instinct. To access it requires subtle but rewarding concentration. The practical focus is on inverted poses and forward bends.

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